Strengths Assessment

Strengthscope® is a unique leading, online assessment system that provides a comprehensive measurement of 24 workplace strengths – underlying characteristics that energise people, enabling them to reach their best performance.  Talent Performance is an Accredited Partner of Strengthscope®

Launched in 2006, Strengthscope® is the only strengths assessment tool registered with the British Psychological Society as an accurate measure and predictor of work-based strengths. It is grounded in thorough, extensive research and has been rigorously tested over 10 years.

Many organisations are currently using Strengthscope® across the employee lifecycle including The AA, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Legal and General, BNPP, Allen and Overy, Statoil and Tesco.

Benefit of using the Strengthscope® system include:

  • Employees who are engaged, high performing and energised at work.
  • Teams that can achieve their potential, collaborate effectively and achieve peak performance.
  • High caliber recruits who are going to bring the best of themselves to their role everyday.
  • Leaders who challenge and inspire employees to thrive in unpredictable, fast-changing business conditions.
  • Measurable returns on their learning and development investment.


Strengthscope® is designed for individual development and performance improvement and shows:

  • The person’s significant strengths or underlying qualities which most energise them.
  • Their potential weaker areas and overdone/overused strengths.
  • How effectively the person feels they are able to use their strengths at work.
  • Coaching questions and tips on how to use their strengths more effectively.

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Strengthscope360® is a quick and simple multi-rater which builds on the Strengthscope® self-report.  It is a powerful report as it gives you valuable insight into how others see you and how efficiently you are using your strengths in the workplace, how you manage your performance risks and how you can strengthen your performance.  For up to 15 raters

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StrengthscopeTeam® consolidates Strengthscope® and Strengthscope360® reports at team level, allowing you to truly connect with the people you work with.  The report helps you better understand what makes your team truly unique and how to drive up positive team behaviours resulting in more engaged, inclusive, productive, appreciative team dynamics.

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The worlds first strengths-based 360 degree leadership profiler for developing effective leaders/managers and succession planning. Ideal for leaders who want to stretch and develop their leadership effectiveness and to get feedback from colleagues on their leadership approach.

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StrengthscopeEngage® measures changes in staff engagement and productive use of strengths following on from development initiatives.  It also provides advice on creating a positive, strengths-based culture so that you can stop, start and continue your way to brilliance.

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