Recruitment Assessment

Interviews can be fairly subjective and whilst they can help to assess skills, experience and competency, it’s not always easy to judge organisational fit and aligned values from an interview alone. Psychometric assessment provides measurable, objective data that can give you a better all round view of a candidate’s suitability. Combined with an interview and conducted properly, it also provides a fair and accurate way of assessing how a candidate is likely to operate and perform once in post.

Other key benefits include:

  • Genuine insight into candidate’s views, personality and fit.
  • Increased motivation, engagement and performance once in post.
  • Lower staff turnover and employees are likely to stay in the job longer.
  • Time and cost-saving by avoiding hiring mistakes.
  • Future development needs are identified early on.
  • A robust and evidence-based process with proven results.
  • The candidate experience is improved – candidates enjoy the interview, increase their self-awareness from the feedback and rejected candidates better understand why they haven’t been progressed (and generally feel more positive about the rejection and the organisation).

We offer a range of psychometric and ability testing, including numerical and verbal reasoning to support organisations to make better hiring decisions.


Developed to make recruitment assessment more affordable and accessible for organisations looking to improve their recruitment process, candidate experience and hiring results. Making improvements to your recruitment process could result in a big difference to the culture and performance of your business.

Our Hire For Success programme includes:

  • Individual online Strengthscope® Assessment for each candidate.
  • Each candidate will receive a one to one telephone feedback with a qualified Strengthscope® practitioner . This gives a deeper understanding of the candidate and also provides a positive candidate experience. The candidate will also receive a detailed Strengthscope® report.
  • Clients receive a detailed Strengthscope® report PLUS a one page summary about each candidate, detailing areas of strength, potential performance risks and advice for further areas to probe at further interviews. ​