Strengths Recruitment

What is a strength?

Strengths are underlying qualities that energise us and we are great at or have the potential to become great at.

How are strengths different to competencies?

Competencies can be defined as “what you CAN do”, while strengths are “what you really ENJOY doing”.

What is strengths-based recruitment?

The key to strengths-based recruitment is identifying candidates who will thrive, be energised and have the potential to reach peak performance in their appointed roles. This is very different to identifying candidates who just have the skills, experience and capabilities to do the job. It focuses on making sure people are placed in roles where they not only have the relevant skills and experience but where they are also doing what energises and motivates them.

The most common method of hiring used by organisations is competency based recruitment. Competency interviews are based on the assumption that past behaviour will predict future performance. Competency interviews are known to be reliable, objective and consistent but techniques to answer questions well can be learnt and will only identify skills, experience and capabilities to do the job.

Strengths Recruitment

What are the benefits of a strengths-based recruitment approach?

  • It provides genuine insight into candidates and you are able to achieve a better fit with the organisation and role.
  • Those employed are likely to stay in the job and have increased motivation, engagement and performance.
  • It saves money and time across the organisation by reducing staff turnover and increasing employee performance.
  • It can improve staff retention and increase business performance.
  • It helps to identify individual and team development needs.
  • It is a robust and evidence based, process that delivers proven results.
  • Candidates enjoy the interview more, rejected candidates understand why they haven’t been progressed and overall it can improve the candidate experience and benefit the employer brand and reputation.

What is the benefit of a strengths-based recruitment approach to candidates?

  • It helps you to find a role you will enjoy, where you have the competencies to do the job but one in which you will also thrive.
  • It gives you the opportunity to understand your strengths and what energises you and helps you to focus your attention on playing to your strengths.
  • By understanding your strengths it gives you the potential to reach higher levels of performance in your role.
  • It helps and supports your personal development by understanding your areas of energy whilst also exploring your potential performance risks.

How do you assess strengths?

We have a team of qualified strength-based recruiters. Through a structured, evidence based process we combine strength-based interview questions with competency based interview questions. We aim to identify skills, experience and capability to do the job as well as what will energise candidates and help them to perform at their best.

We are also trained and accredited to use a recognised world-leading strengths-based assessment tool Strengthscope®. This online assessment system provides a comprehensive measurement of work-related strengths. It provides invaluable feedback during the recruitment process to both candidates and clients and is also used to focus on development and stretch areas in our 90 days onboard coaching.