Strengths Recruitment

What is strengths-based recruitment?

Strengths recruitment simply put is about finding and placing people in roles where they have the best natural energy and motivation. By identifying and assessing what motivates and energises candidates in addition to their experience and competency, we support you to hire more engaged, motivated employees who are likely to stay longer in post and reach high performance in their appointed role.

The more traditional route of competency-based interviews, whilst having a level of reliability will only identify skills, experience and capabilities to do the job. Strengths-based recruitment goes way beyond the assessment level of competency assessment alone.

Key benefits of strengths recruitment include:

  • It provides genuine insight into candidates and you are able to achieve a better fit with the organisation and role.
  • Those employed are likely to stay in the job and have increased motivation, engagement and performance.
  • It saves money and time across the organisation by reducing staff turnover and increasing employee performance.
  • It can improve staff retention and increase business performance.
  • It helps to identify individual and team development needs.
  • It is a robust and evidence based process that delivers proven results.
  • Candidates enjoy the interview more, rejected candidates understand why they haven’t been progressed and overall it can improve the candidate experience and benefit the employer brand and reputation.

How we can help

We are one of a few organisations in the UK that specialise in strengths recruitment.  Our unique strengths methodologies go beyond finding and placing a candidate.   We work in partnership with our clients to design and define recruitment and selection processes that will not only find candidates that have the skills, capabilities and experience to do the job but candidates who will be highly energised, motivated and engaged by the role.  We offer two strength-based recruitment services:

Our retained fully managed service for experienced hires – working as an extension of your HR team, we will design and manage the entire recruitment process from defining the role, to complete resourcing, selection, offer management and on-boarding. Our service includes:

  • A full briefing session to help you clearly define the requirements of the role.
  • Strengthscope® assessment of hiring manager/s to clearly understand team dynamic and fit.
  • Management of the full resourcing process including search, advertised selection, database mining and social networking.
  • Strengthscope® recruitment assessment – for all long-listed candidates including detailed feedback and reports to candidate and client.
  • Structured, evidence based interviews combining competency and strengths based interview questions and incorporating exploration of the candidate’s Strengthscope® feedback.
  • Management of the entire recruitment process from briefing to placement and onboarding. We also provide on-board coaching during the first 90 days of appointment.

Our fee includes our unique Strengthscope® assessment process and on-board coaching at no extra cost.

Strengths recruitment assessment for direct recruitment – we also offer a credit-based Strengthscope® assessment package that can be aligned to your own direct recruitment process for hiring from entry level to senior hire.  Our package includes:

  • A flexible solution designed to align to your own direct recruitment process.
  • Individual online Strengthscope® assessment for each candidate.
  • Online video feedback for candidates that can be accessed at any time and any location around the world.
  • Pre-interview reflection exercises and interview preparation for candidates to complete ahead of attending an interview.
  • Clients and candidates both receive a detailed Strengthscope® report.
  • Support  for hiring managers so that they understand their own strengths profile and are fully briefed in how to conduct a strengths-based interview.

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