Strengths Coaching

Strengths Coaching

Our coaching interventions focus on helping individuals and teams to understand, harness and optimise the power of their strengths to increase work performance, engagement and job satisfaction. We also support in guarding against performance risk.  Our experienced, qualified coaches utilise a wide toolkit of expertise including strengths assessment, NLP, cognitive behavioural coaching and positive psychology.

Our individual coaching packages are usually delivered over a period of three, six or twelve months and include:

Executive Coaching

We work on a one to one basis with leaders and managers on specific personal and professional development areas in order to help them to achieve key goals and improve their overall workplace performance, engagement and job satisfaction.  We use Strengthscope® assessment and where appropriate 360-degree feedback with either Strengthscope360® or StrengthscopeLeader® as part of the process to gain insight and assist in forming the basis of all coaching programmes.  We then use this to tailor our coaching and help our clients to set clear, motivating goals that move them forward to achieve performance, success and satisfaction in key areas of their lives.

Career Coaching

This is an opportunity for the individual to better understand their strengths and what type of work activity and roles are likely to lead to their best most engaged work performance. Armed with this knowledge, our coaches then help individuals to set clear, compelling, motivating goals and work consistency towards achieving those goals. We again use Strengthscope® assessment and where appropriate Strengthscope360® or StrengthscopeLeader® feedback to help our client raise their awareness and gain deeper insight into their strengths and performance risks.

Team Development

Using StrengthscopeTeam® assessment, we also work with teams and groups delivering bespoke team development solutions focused on helping teams to understand, harness and optimise their team strengths and guard against collective team performance risk. This results in more engaged, inclusive, productive, appreciative team dynamics.